Elixirs for a new era.

Ish’s alchemical elixir’s what you never knew you were always looking for.

Welcome to the world of Jun as brewed by a grandmaster alchemist, Ish-the-ever-harmonious.


Here’s the deal:

You’ve heard of Kombucha, yes?

O.k. now think, upgrade... the 2.0 version, but not really an upgrade because it is the older, more difficult to brew and far more potent ancestor of Kombucha.

While it is also a fermented beverage, and is full of the same wonderful health benefits, it has more super-qualities than your run of the mill Kombucha. And frankly, the reason it isn’t all over the stores in your local health food bodega, is because it takes a lot more care and attention than Kombucha to cultivate and brew.

Anyone can brew Kombucha, not everyone can brew Jun. It takes a master with great care, love for the culture and someone who can actually talk to the herbs that eventually are blended with the magical stuff to make it even more magical. (Yes Ish can communicate with plants, and wonders why no one else does.)

So dive in, this portal is here for you to open up to the magic of Jun. Check out thehistory and what our Co-Op is all about.